Apoptosis - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KTDz-ZisZ0

Biological phenomena making sense, creating experiences. No neural
network necessary. Molecules are 'recruited'. How?

IMO, Molecular quorum sensing. Sensorimotive semantics. Molecules
detect each other. They can figure out what's going on within their
intertial frame of perception (a range of scale/frequencies).

A single molecule is held together by a feeling of shared 'charge'.
It's a sensorimotive-electromagnetic circuit that feels saturated or
unsaturated in different ways. We exploit this level of sense and
motive in electronics, using the charge sensitivity and motive power
to drive our own senses and motives through the macro-molecular

This effect is orders of magnitude simpler than the synergistic senses
and motives which can be achieved with cells and tissues. Different,
richer qualia on the sense side, smarter, more volitional power on the
motive side. This scaling up of qualitative content possible within
inertial frames is another kind of meta-sense = perceptual-relativity
through cumulative entanglement. This is what makes carbon different
from just hydroden x 6 and a silicon chip from a living kidney or a
brain. Different sense, different motive.

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