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>    No, my thought is that quantum coherence accounts for, among other
> things, the way that sense data is continuously integrated into a whole.
>  This leads to a situation that Daniel C. Dennett calls the "Cartesian
> Theater". Dennett's proof that it cannot exist because it generates infinite
> regress of homunculi inside humonculi is flawed because such infinities can
> only occur if each of the humonculi has access to sufficient computational
> resources to generate the rest of them. When we understand that computations
> require the utilization of resources and do not occur 'for free' we see that
> the entire case against situations that imply the possibility of infinite
> regress fails.
>    Quantum phenomena is NOT all about randomness. Frankly I would really
>  like to understand how that rubbish of an idea still is held in seriously
> thinking people! There is not randomness in QM, there in only the physical
> inability to predict exactly when some quantum event will occur in advance.
> It is because QM system cannot be copied that makes it impossible to predict
> their behavior in advance, not because of some inherent randomness! Take the
> infamous radioactive atom in the Schrodinger Cat box. Is its decay strictly
> a "random" phenomena? Not really! QM says not one word about randomness, it
> only allows us to calculate the half-life of said atom and that calculation
> is as good as is possible given the fact that we cannot generate a
> simulation of that atom and its environment and all of the interactions
> thereof in a way that we can get predictions about its behavior in advance.

What is the distinction between random and unpredictable?

 A consciousness can no more be copied than the state of a QM system.
> That's the point in question.  If Tegmark is right, it can.
>     Tegmark is wrong.
Stephen, do you doubt that consciousness can be implemented by a digital
machine or process?


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