On Aug 1, 2:29 pm, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

Bruno & Stephen,

Isn't there a concept of imprecision in absolute physical measurement
and drift in cosmological constants? Are atoms and molecules all
infinitesimally different in size or are they absolutely the same
size? Certainly individual cells of the same type vary in all of their
measurements, do they not?

If so, that would seem to suggest my view - that arithmetic is an
approximation of feeling, and not the other way around. Cosmos is a
feeling of order, or of wanting to manifest order, but it is not
primitively precise. Make sense?

Biological processes then, could be conceived as a 'levelling up' of
molecular arithmetic having been formally actualized, a more
significant challenge is attempted on top of the completed molecular
canvas - with more elasticity and unpredictibility, and a host of
newer, richer feelings which expand upon the molecular range, becoming
at once more tangible and concrete, more real, and more unreal and
abstract. The increased potential for unreality in the subjective
interiority of the cells is what creates the perspective necessary to
conceive of the molecular world as objectively real by contrast. The
nervous system does the same trick one level higher.


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