On Aug 11, 3:25 am, Stathis Papaioannou <stath...@gmail.com> wrote:

> The specific question I'm asking is whether it is possible to separate
> consciousness from behaviour.

To which I have responded repeatedly, consciousness and behavior are
not useful terms. If you insist upon using them then the best way to
consider their relation is as a Venn diagram of intersecting open
sets. They can neither be separated completely nor conflated

> Is it possible to make a brain component
> that from the engineering point of view functions perfectly when
> installed but does not contribute the same consciousness to the brain?

There is no engineering point of view which is relevant, unless it's
genetic engineering. To replace a living community with a machine is
failure from the beginning. It's like saying if you replaced YouTube
with something which functions perfectly but has no users. The content
comes from users, so sooner or later people are going to notice that
nobody can put up any new videos.

> You will note that there is no claim here about any theory of
> consciousness: it could be intrinsic to matter, it could come from
> tiny black holes inside cells, it could be generated on the fly by
> God. Whatever it is, can it be separated from function?

What do you mean by function? Is yellow a function? Is irony or comedy
a function?


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