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> I would say now that consciousness is conscious perception. The main
> problem in my view though is who follows the narrative. Does your theory
> answer such a question?

Just as an image is an agreement of regions of color and contrast,
consciousness is an agreement of regions of multi-sensory images (both
live and remembered). Who follows the narrative is the part of the
nervous system which perceives not sounds or colors, but narratives
and personalities. The cortex is a sense organ of meaning, archetype,
and symbol. It's an interior world though, not of discrete objects in
space but of entangled subjects in time. Experiential phenomena which,
like the great red spot on Jupiter, persists and insists as a pattern.
In the case of the self it is both a pattern and a different pattern
within it's own pattern recognition.

> By the way, why you say that vision is a narrative in 2D? I feel myself
> in 3D. Well, the time is also there, so even 4D.

Vision is really pseudo 3D if you think about it. It's just two 2D
images that you read as a single 3D text - which is why perspective
and trompe l'oeil can fool our perception. Our tactile sense would be
more of a 3D sense I think. All sense occurs in the context of time by
definition, since sense the experience of change or difference in a
physical phenomenon (experience is the interiority of energy).


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