On Aug 12, 3:41 pm, Evgenii Rudnyi <use...@rudnyi.ru> wrote:

> It would be interesting to see how do you know this. Some revelation or
> something else?

I don't know it, I just think that it could be the case. If you can
fully and finally reject the proposition that your own experiences
could be metaphysical, then you are left with describing what
experience is in objective terms as a phenomena. Since we find
ourselves perceiving the world from the interior of a body, then it's
not all that outrageous to hypothesize that this interior-exterior
relationship between being a body and an experiencer of bodies might
not be a unique invention in the universe, and that the many and
fundamentally significant diametrically complimentary qualities of
subjective phenomena compared to objective might not be a meaningless


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