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You robot do. It gets tagged with some notes, timestamped, and
stuck in the database for further reference and adjustment of
learning algorithms. That's it. There's no homunculus who watches
it in the Cartesian theater. That it is referenced and used in
your cogitation to influence your speech and other actions is
what constitutes your being conscious of it.

A quote from Jeffrey Gray (p. 110, it is just one of hypotheses in
the book, this time on the verge of dualism)

"(1) the unconscious brain constructs a display in a medium, that
of conscious perception, fundamentally different from its usual
medium of electrochemical activity in and between nerve cells;

I don't know what this means. I might agree with it as a metaphor,
but I have no idea what "the medium of conscious perception" refers
to. It seems to assume what it purports to explain.

Yes, in the book it is just some metaphor to express how qualia functions, the author does not know either what it could mean.

(2) it inspects the conscious constructed display;

This has the brain inspecting itself. Again it seems metaphorical. It
 might be a metaphor for my AI robot tagging stuff it puts in its

This is already not a metaphor but rather an open question. Why evolution has created consciousness when this is just a means for a brain to inspect itself? Presumably this has opened new opportunities as compared with unconscious behavior. Please note that this step (with step 3) gives conscious experience casual power.


(3) it uses the results of the display to change the working of its
 usual electrochemical medium."

Is this close to what you have said?




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