Colin and Craig,

Imagine that God has such a machine on his desk, which he uses to
compute the updated positions of each particle in some universe over
each unit of Planck time.  Would you agree it is possible for the
following to occur in the simulation:

1. Stars to coalesce due to gravity and begin fusion?
2. Simple biological molecules to forum?
3. Simple single-celled life forms to evolve
4. More complex multi-cellular life forms to evolve?
5. Intelligent life forms to evolve (at least as intelligent as humans)?
6. Intelligent life in the simulation to solve problems and develop
culture and technology?
7. For that intelligent life to question qualia?
8. For that intelligent life to define the hard problem?
9. For those beings to create an interconnected network of computers and
debate this same topic?

If you disagree with any of the numbered possibilities, please state
which ones you disagree with.

Colin ============= 

I don't know about Craig...but I disagree with all of them. 

Your premise, that the God's-Desk Turing machine is relevant, is

A) The Turing Machine in the video is inside this (our reality) reality.
It uses reality (whatever it is) to construct the Turing machine. All
expectations of the machine are constructed on this basis. It is the
only basis for expectations of creation of AGI within our reality.

B) The Turing machine on your God's desk is not that (A) at all. You
could be right or wrong or merely irrelevant... and it would change
nothing in (A) perspective.

Until you de-confuse these 2 points of view, your 9 points have no
meaning. The whole idea that computation is necessarily involved in
intelligence is also likewise taken along for the ride. There's no
(A)-style  Turing computation going on in a brain. (A)-style
Turing-Computing a model of a brain is not a brain for the same reason
(A)-style  computing a model of fire is not fire.

To me, 

(i) reality-as-computation

                (ii) computation of a model of reality within the

(iii) to be made of/inside inside an actual reality, and able to make a
model of it from within

(iv) an actual reality

are all different things. The video depicts a bit of a (iv) doing (iii),
from the perspective of an observer within (iv). I'm not interested in
simulating anything. I want to create artificial cognition (AGI) the
same way artificial flight is flight.



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