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>> I'm afraid the analogies you use don't help, at least for me. Does an
>> ion channel ever open in the absence of an observable cause? It's a
>> simple yes/no question. Whether consciousness is associated,
>> supervenient, linked, provided by God or whatever is a separate
>> question.
> Observable by who?

Observable by a third party.

It seems like a simple yes or no question to you
> because you aren't willing or able to see the whole phenomena. If I
> choose to think about something that makes me mad, I observe that I
> feel angry, and I observe that neurons fire, ion channels open, etc at
> the same time. The thoughts and anger they arouse are the observable
> cause, but they cannot be observed with a microscope or fMRI. They are
> observed by the person whose brain it is. This is the literal reality
> of what is going on. If I put my hand on a hot stove, neurons fire,
> ion channels open, and I feel burning pain through my skin. The cause
> there is the heat of the stove.

Stathis Papaioannou

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