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That's a nice strategy to be "right", that's for sure. "You just don't
understand it, study more".

The ideas are understandable if you're willing to depart from your
preferred way of viewing the world.

I guess that's the main difficulty.

Mystics can appreciate the conclusion but feel often quite uneasy with the assumption. Rationalists usually appreciate the assumption but feel often quite uneasy with the conclusion.

I though, not so much unlike Descartes I think, and very naively to be sure, that mechanism might help to conciliate the heart with the brain, the left brain with the right brain, the first person view with the third person view, the mind with the body, and the mystics with the rationalists.

We live in an era where rationalism and mysticism are considered as opposite and that does not help. They consider themselves so much as opposite that they both still prefer to kill the diplomats, and destroy the bridges under construction.

Sometimes the enemy brothers share a common passion of hating even more the possible conciliators. Which is natural, usual, but sad.

That reminds me an argument of Bruno in Lewis Carroll's "Sylvie and Bruno", about Spinach. If I remember well. Something like: '---don't make me *love* spinach because thats really the worst possible which can happen for someone who *hates* spinach.'



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