On Oct 21, 11:42 am, benjayk <benjamin.jaku...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Somehow I am bored by this discussion. I'll still post my reply (as I have
> already written it), in case you are interested. I am unlikely to continue
> the dicussion, though, so don't bother responding, unless you really want
> to.
It seems like we are talking past each other. My comments about will
here are directed toward typical, lowest common denominator
experiences of will or control rather than will in a philosophical
sense. I reject the idea of individual awareness as a 'mistake', even
though I agree that introspection can bring awareness which seems to
transcend the personal self/ego. That has nothing to do with what I am
talking about in my TOE though. The ordinary experiences of individual
will, mistaken though they may be in from a more enlightened
perspective, are the ones that I care about. In attempting to
encapsulate the entire universe in a single continuum, I think that
the profound experiences of self-transcendence are adequately
represented on the  ACME-OMMM map as the far East side of the
continuum. I figure that there is plenty of information about those
states and experiences available from other sources.

Also my use of stereotypes is intentional and figurative. I am trying
to show that the symmetry of the stereotypes themselves shows us
something important. It is not my intention to suggest that I think
that only men pursue solitary spirituality or theoretical physics, I
just think the correlation to contain a clue. I think of the solitary,
theoretical 'profound meridian' area that joins the far East ACME with
the far West OMMM is like an arid desert or a frontier whereas the
mundane meridian is like a fertile marketplace. The gender association
is a stereotype, yes, but that is what makes it useful. We can get a
flavor for the duality, like hunter/gatherer, distal/proximal,
frontier/familiarity, barren/lush'. The extremes are abstract and
panoramic while the center is concrete and enveloping.


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