Consciousness is the heuristic of the universal search algorithm.

To say that nature is the blind watchmaker is to forget that
watchmakers are nature too, evolution has feelings, technological
evolution is the conscious phase of evolution which is in acceleration
towards an attractor of maximal transcendence which I will call god
but you might like to call biologically transcendent man, I like to
believe I have found the only true form of God that is compatible with

The universe is a search algorithm. In the first half of the process,
biological evolution, it is a meta-search for a search system, the
resulting search system is consciousness. The brain is a vast
complexity which gives rise to the simplicity of being conscious,
which is the prime example of what the search is ultimately for:
transcendent simplicity, complexity is deeper or higher simplicity
trying to emerge. The next half of the process is the conscious search
of technological evolution which is the search for the deep stability
that is collective conscious calm, the transcendent simplicity of
effortless existence, effort being part of the old evolutionary

Another way of putting it is:
The universe is a vast boiling chaos gradually cooling down, calming
and crystallising, therefore the essence of existence is the
attainment of calm and tranquillity, everything follows the path of
least resistance except consciousness, human effort is the final
desperate struggle to end all effort, to be calm, as conscious calm is
the deepest level of calm, a tranquil human soul is the chaos cooled
to the most beautiful and stable crystalline structure possible, we
are driven towards effortless existence. The universe is a search for
god and heaven, by god I mean consciousness that has transcended
physical and intellectual biological limitations, by heaven I mean a
world free from problems, this is all the inevitable evolution of god
and heaven in progress, and god and heaven do exist as an attractive
point towards which we are inexorably accelerating, god is the
evolutionary attractor of transcendent man.

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