On Oct 23, 4:14 pm, John Mikes <jami...@gmail.com> wrote:
> *Craig,*
> **
> *thanks for your explanation -  B U T : let us accept the term Multisense
> Realism (whatever that may cover) and let me ask:*
> *satisfactory to whom? *

To whoever understands how it applies to the Hard Problem.

> *separation of what???? (OK, you call it an illusion). And I like your:
> "range of experience" as a limited term. *

Separation of subjective experience and objective existence.

> *Then again: to explain by "our awareness"? what is awareness and how does
> it come from the mAmps-bloodflow EKG etc data? *

Awareness is primitive. It isn't explained, it is experienced first
hand and cannot be explained without first hand experience. To explain
is to translate something which is not experienced directly into a
direct sense, so sense or awareness is always the beginning and ending
- the elephant in every room. Our awareness doesn't come from physical
phenomenon as much as both the physical and experiential phenomena are
actually the same thing, but part of what that thing does is to make
one side seem separate from the other.

> *So I frown to speak about different kinds (levels?) of it as 'making the
> difference'. *

Not sure which kinds and which differences you mean.


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