On Oct 25, 7:00 pm, Nick Prince <nickmag.pri...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> QTI, Cul de sacs and differentiation

> By the end of the first evolution due to Msg, the infinite
> bundle of universes has partitioned into two bundles i.e. one bundle
> of universes that have a Z spin up electron moving upwards with a
> neutral detector reading and an alive cat, and another bundle of
> universes  that have a Z spin down electron moving downwards with a
> neutral detector reading and an alive cat.  

Once you open the door to MWI, it seems like there is no point for
"you", as a specific outcome of specific conditions of this universe,
to try to make sense of anything which includes any outcome in any
other universe.

I don't see why the partition would be limited to Z spin up and down.
Why wouldn't each universe have already proliferates into infinite
orthogonal Z spin possibilities. Z wobbles and jiggles, and hyper-
Magoo slide-bounce-jumps. Each one would be a multiverse of universes
based on each spin alternative and each one of those would be a
multiverse with different alternatives to just 'live' and 'dead'. Life
could stop and start constantly like Morse code in some. In others the
apparatus will be alive and the cat will be inanimate. There could be
no life at all except for one omniscient raisin on the moon of an
eyelash in Prisonworld Delta...

There may be other universes, I just don't see the point in thinking
about them. How could we ever know anything about them? Maybe each
universe has it's own infinite set of potential mutiverses that it's
creatures consider plausible without ever stepping outside of the
actual universe that they are in? I think all MWI scenarios suffer
from a gross lack of imagination of what Multiple universes really
would mean.


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