Are we sure that this ordering, at the level of the state vectors,
> really matters? We are, after all, only considering observables that
> mutually commute and thus ordering should be irrelevant.

Hi Stephen.  I stressed the order because it is how the cat perceives
events and therefore how, from the first person POV the cat feels like
his bundle of worlds which are originally identical (fungible) are
becoming different - but not all at once

   It seems to me that we have to take the environment of the system
> into account, so we have to have a {environment> in the equation, no?
>  From what I can tell, cul de sac's would have 3p consequences that
> would have an effect on the distribution of branches. Maybe we should
> consider what effect the 'rest of the universe' has on the 1p of the cat.

I agree that the environment needs to be factored in. Especially to
ensure the worlds quickly decohere.
I need to think about your comment on consequences  - it is an
interesting point and I'd like to pick it
 up again when I've had chance to consider it.  Thank you for that.



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