> >     It seems to me that we have to take the environment of the system
> >> into account, so we have to have a {environment>  in the equation, no?
> >>   From what I can tell, cul de sac's would have 3p consequences that
> >> would have an effect on the distribution of branches. Maybe we should
> >> consider what effect the 'rest of the universe' has on the 1p of the cat.
> > [NP]
> > I agree that the environment needs to be factored in. Especially to
> > ensure the worlds quickly decohere.
> But you don't need the environment.  The cat itself, or even just the cats 
> brain, even
> just a neuron in the cat's brain already has an enormous number of states and 
> will
> decohere almost instantly, i.e. the brain is essentially a classical object.  
> What you
> need is a better theory of being a cat instead of  just |alive cat> or |dead 
> cat>

Agreed.  The measuring device, flask and the cat IS the front end of
the environment which factors it in.
I also agree that |alive cat> , |dead cat> is seriously simplified.  I
have argued about this on the list before  cf :


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