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> Maybe you are thinking of Tegmark level 1 or level 2 type multiverses
> here, in which case I agree.  What I was doing in my analysis was
> thinking about QM type 3 multiverses only. Let's pretend that these
> are the only variety for the moment, then my analysis does indicate
> that cul de sacs arise only if the unitary development during
> interactions follow the ideal measurement prescription.  You can see
> this because in the times between the action of operator Mdev and Mc
> the cat is alive in both branches but destined to die in one of them.
> This has to be true for both ist and 3person points of view because
> there is nowhere for the consciousness to go.  If you are going to
> include the other types of multiverse then yes,  all sorts of
> possibilities open up. Indeed dreaming cats would be included too.
> Moreover, it seems to me from Bruno's Sane papers that ist person
> indeterminacy is non local in space and in time so, I guess in
> principle it's possible according to that reasoning, that the cat
> could find a contiuation of its consciousness in some other cat far
> off in the future in some universe.  If we restrict ourselves to level
> 3 type QM branching of fungible universes then perfect functioning
> flask gassing mechanisms would provide cul de sacs.
> I was hoping that this might give a start to some form of extra
> support (although not a proof )of the no cul de sac conjecture because
> in the limit as the number of degrees of freedom in the devices
> introduce more and more branches due to evolutions of the form (4)
> (which could  possibly be infinite  linear combinations), then perhaps
> once the environment was included as well, the limit would ensure that
> the cul de sacs were avoided.  If we factor in other level 1 and 2
> type universes then this only helps the argument.

I didn't think that level 1 and 2 multiverses were any richer in their variety 
than level 3.

-- Stathis Papaioannou 

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