On 10/31/2011 11:02 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
Why? Everett shows convincingly that, being a memory machine, when we measure a superposition state, we just entangle ourself with the superposition state, but this differentiate the consciousness/memory of the machine, and she can feel the split.

I don't feel the split.  Do you?  I just experience one outcome.

The theory of consciousness used in Everett QM is simple mechanism. It is the major interest of Everett.

I don't think it is so simple because, like decoherence, it assumes that there is something that picks out the classical view of the world and that's what consciousness supervenes on, rather than supervening on linear combinations of classical states. If you have some reason that the pointer-states are canonical, then Everett explains why "you" split in such a way that you don't experience a mixture. But within QM there doesn't seem to be any good explanation for why the classical world, the pointer states, are picked out. The only good proposals I've heard are that it is only by limiting perception to particular bases that life and intelligence can arise.


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