meekerdb wrote:
> On 11/7/2011 9:50 AM, benjayk wrote:
>> meekerdb wrote:
>>> >  
>>> >     How great was that?
>> I don't know. Being a fetus might be a peaceful experience, or like
>> sleep.
>> But the point is that it doesn't matter how great the experience was,
> So what's your evidence that there is *any* experience of "being a fetus".
I don't know, it is just a guess. Actually giving evidence that there is any
experience of being XYZ is hard, or even impossible, because there is no
scientific/objective reason for there to be any experience of being a
particular thing, or even any experience at all. Experience is simply beyond
science - which doesn't mean that science can't say anything about
experience at all, there is just always an aspect that is totally beyond
science, and beyond any attempt to analzye or objectify it. I think that the
aspect of what experiences exist at all is not answerable by science. 
Through science we can just find patterns in experience, which is useful for
building tools and for insight into the nature of experience.

There is no objective evidence that you are conscious, or that I am
conscious, or that a fetus is conscious. It is not measurable, but it is
still there, even if some materialist tend to deny that (which shows how far
we are removed from ourselves and reality, we actually ignore that which is
undoubtably and obviously true).


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