meekerdb wrote:
> On 11/7/2011 12:02 PM, benjayk wrote:
>> I think we only fear the elimination of personhood because we confuse
>> being
>> conscious as an ego with being conscious. We somehow think that if we in
>> the
>> state of feeling to be a seperate individual cease to exist, we as
>> conscious
>> beings cease to exist, which is simply not true.
> Have you ever been unconscious? When you were unconscious, who was
> experiencing 
> unconsciousness? 
I as a person have been unconscious, of course. I as consciousness, no.
Unconsciousness is not really an experience. When we say we were
unconscious, we mean that we lacked an experience that could be assigned to
the time during which we were unconscious, and that we noticed a
discontinuity in experience.

That doesn't mean consciousness ceased to exist, just that it experienced
some inconsistency in experience (I experience falling asleep, and dreaming,
and waking up, but I am not sure how this was connected, exactly; it wasn't
a "smooth" experience).
So unconsciousness never means that consciousness (the absolute I) was
unconscious. This doesn't even make sense, just like water can't get dry.
When we use (relative) consciousness as something that can be assigned to
people and time, we can say that, relatively speaking, "I" lacked
consciousness at a certain time,  because there was no content of
consciousness that corresponded to that person at that time.

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