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This  really puts the suffering we have/had to endure into perspective, and
would  solve the problem of evil. Of course consciousnss is going to
experience a  very rough start (which constitutes and infitesimal amount of
its eternal  existence as the creative orgy of ever increasing bliss and
colourful  clarity) if it helps to develop faster (and undoubtably suffering
makes it  very clear that something is going wrong, which is going to happen
a lot of  times as long as you are ignorant about what's real and  what's

What do you think (or feel) about this idea?  Isn't it too good to be


It may be too good to be true, Ben. At least too good to be true, for  
Academics to pile-on, and say, yes, we academics agree! Its like when Leonard  
Susskind spoke some years back about Boltzmann Brains being conscious  
observers,. Now how the hell do we collect evidence for that? How do we  
that Boltzmann Brains exist, and then convince us in a Turing Test  way, 
that they are conscious observers. To your comment, how do we demonstrate  
that the Universe is conscious?  There must be some cause and effect, some  
falsifiable, tests that can be done, perhaps centuries, from now, with better  

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