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Probably  the one that is most convincing is direct experience. Try
meditation (my  favorite is just doing nothing while being aware not to
snooze or think or  search for something to do,etc...), or, if you are a bit
more daring and  very cautious and well informed, psychdelic drugs (eg
Salvia, Mushrooms,  LSD, DMT) or suspend your belief that you are just a
person for long enough  (then the reality of unity tends to reveal itself
spotaneously). If you are  in the right mindset and maybe a bit lucky you 
experience states in  which it is directly evident that there is
fundamentally no other, just  this consciousness that you are.

I see, Benjamin. But unless one takes these visions as a solipsism, I would 
 ask, what does this bring to the table? We humans are primates, and for 
most of  us primates, we are group animals. We need each other even though we 
irritate  each other. At the end of the day, can one bring information, that 
would not,  logically, be known, otherwise? For instance, that Uncle, 
Bruno, left a  mathematical puzzle, he worked on, inscribed on page 1273, in 
1999 edition  of ARS MATHEMATICA, in his old, study--something like this, 
let us  say?

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