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> 2011/11/10 benjayk <benjamin.jaku...@googlemail.com>
>> Spudboy100 wrote:
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>> > Probably  the one that is most convincing is direct experience. Try
>> > meditation (my  favorite is just doing nothing while being aware not to
>> > snooze or think or  search for something to do,etc...), or, if you are
>> a
>> > bit
>> > more daring and  very cautious and well informed, psychdelic drugs (eg
>> > Salvia, Mushrooms,  LSD, DMT) or suspend your belief that you are just
>> a
>> > person for long enough  (then the reality of unity tends to reveal
>> itself
>> > spotaneously). If you are  in the right mindset and maybe a bit lucky
>> you
>> > can
>> > experience states in  which it is directly evident that there is
>> > fundamentally no other, just  this consciousness that you are.
>> >
>> >
>> > I see, Benjamin. But unless one takes these visions as a solipsism, I
>> > would
>> >  ask, what does this bring to the table? We humans are primates, and
>> for
>> > most of  us primates, we are group animals. We need each other even
>> though
>> > we
>> > irritate  each other.
>> What I am describing can be said to be a kind of solipsism; only I exist,
>> but I being the consciousness that we all share,
> I can't make a meaning of that... we do not share a "consciousness", not
> in
> any definition of that term.
I am not speaking about anything definable. Whatever can be defined is just
a concept. You can't define your way to an understanding of consciousness,
just like you can't define things to find out what ice cream tastes like.
Trying to define the taste of ice cream is quite a futile endavour - the
most you could give as a definition is a paraphrase and this by itself won't
make it clear at all what it tastes like.

That we share a consciousness (or rather, are that one consciousness), can
only be recognized by the consciousness itself (that is, you), not inferred
through some apparent relation of objects or persons (or some description or
definition). It is not hidden that there is just this consciousness now, and
there is nothing else to find. That's why no else can have another
consciousness. It is nowhere to be found. Just your consciousness can be

Why would you believe that I have another consciousness, when you can never
access it, and I am even telling you that I don't have it. There is no
evidence for such an "other" to your consciousness.
If you say you can infer it, then I ask by what means? We can infer
existence of other objects, but only because we already directly see that
different objects can exist as content of consciousness. But we never ever
witnessed something like a different consciousness and so have nothing which
we could base the claim that there is different consciousness on.
It is not even clear to me what other consciousness could even mean. Could
you attempt to give an explanation? 

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