You might enjoy my conception of God, which I think is the only way in
which God can be said to exist: God exists as the attractor of maximal
transcendence or the conscious singularity. :)

On Nov 8, 5:36 pm, benjayk <> wrote:
> Akin to the idea of the technological singularity, a point in time at which
> technology becomes so powerful that all aspects of our experiences are
> fundamentally transformed (mainly due to intelligence enhancement), I
> propose a consciousness singularity:
> A point in time at which consciousness becomes so poweful, that all aspects
> of our experience are fundamentally transformed.
> Consciousness learns that it is not bound by time and space, and by
> particular bodies, and through becoming conscious of this, it learn to
> transcend the limitations of time and space and our bodies. We may learn to
> use telepathy, telekenesis, teleportation, and much more important, we may
> live in a state where "reality" and dream/imagination (partly) merge, thus
> allowing us to do incredible feats and experience in a way that is much more
> organic and natural and allows us to avoid unpleasant things which come with
> being an entirely physical being (physical illness, having to go to the
> toilet) and also makes it possible to explore possibilities in a reversible
> way (very important for evolution). Our world may also get *drastically*
> bigger, as we learn to access parallel universes and the dream space.
> Through this ability, consciousness learns much faster what it means to be
> conscious, and which possibilities arise out of that (and which
> possibilities are promising), making a runaway feedback loop of ever more
> deeply increasing consciousness.
> I think, though, that this feedback loop will run into ever more complex
> problems (what do with all these paranormal feats and the incredible sensory
> and emotional richness of enlightened existence?) so I don't expect that
> this speed up will be smooth, I rather expect that there will be a lot of
> experimentation, which will lead to big jumps in consciousness.
> You may ask: Why would any of this be possible? Simple, consciousness is
> unlimited, as it has no other to limit it. It is only limited by its own
> need to be coherent with itself (for example, you can't use tools as long as
> you are not conscious what they are for), which of course is not really a
> limitation in an ultimate sense, since this kind of relative limitation is
> what it allows it to be unlimited in its possibility.
> So right now it makes sense that paranormal feats are rare and very
> inconsistently availbable. If we identify us as being seperate individuals,
> it makes no sense to be able to consistently access other people thoughts.
> If we identify us to be mainly the body and the individual mind, it makes no
> sense to be able to influence the environment without using the body. But as
> we discover that we are not merely individuals in bodies, this limitation
> can (slowly) be trascended.
> That consciousness is the only thing that exists and is not limited is not a
> belief. You can simply inspect it for yourself. Where can you find anything
> apart from consciousness? If you can't, why assume it exists? If it doesn't,
> what could hinder consciousness (except its own ignorance, which is steadily
> removed through being conscious of it)?
> What would lead to this singularity? Simple, collective enlightenment
> (enlightenment meaning the realization that one is only consciousness, and
> not a seperate being, or even a physical being). As we collectively realize
> that we are not physical and seperate beings, the world will begin to
> reflect this. Physicality (including predictable behaviour) and seperateness
> will be tools, and not things that are imposed upon us.
> My guess is that there is a good chance that this is going to happen late in
> this century, and a very good chance that it will happen this or the next
> century. And I can't really imagine that it will not happen within this
> millenium.
> Actually I think that the consciousness singularity will also be a
> biological and technological singularity. We will evolve much faster and use
> technology (or spirit-technology) much more efficient, also. It will even be
> a physical singularity, as we learn to evolve physics by seeing that we are
> not mere beings IN the world but actually are that which the world is
> appearing in.
> But most importantly, it will be a happiness singularity. As we realize that
> we all are one, there is no potential left to do intentional harm, and much
> less potential for unintentional harm, and the harm that is being done will
> not cause deep suffering. Even individual enlightenment is often described
> as the end of suffering, and frequently comes with a deep constant sense of
> unconditional freedom and peace, and many moment of intense ectasy/bliss.
> Collective enlightenment will magnifiy this to an extreme degree, causing
> the world to be a heaven on earth beyond our wildest imaginations - a world
> that is really worthy for the God that we all are.
> This really puts the suffering we have/had to endure into perspective, and
> would solve the problem of evil. Of course consciousnss is going to
> experience a very rough start (which constitutes and infitesimal amount of
> its eternal existence as the creative orgy of ever increasing bliss and
> colourful clarity) if it helps to develop faster (and undoubtably suffering
> makes it very clear that something is going wrong, which is going to happen
> a lot of times as long as you are ignorant about what's real and what's
> important).
> What do you think (or feel) about this idea? Isn't it too good to be
> *false*?
> benjayk
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