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This may be off-topic, but taking on a fanciful, notion; is there a means, in principle, for somebody biologically alive, to physically go into other world-lines?

With the QM theory: no.

But Steven Weinberg has shown that if QM is slightly false (slightly less linear, with the Schroedinger equation becoming an approximation), then we can physically go in the other branch of the quantum multiverse. But then thermodynamic, electromagnetism and relativity become wrong, and this makes such reasoning into a reductio ad absurdum of the idea that QM could be slightly false.

From a paper by Plaga, years ago, I convince myself that if QM is slightly non linear, we could build infinitely solid and elastic object, but then nothing could be moving in a relativistic universe. The contraction of length would be blocked.

I am using the Hugh Everett the 3rd's conception of other worlds/ universes. I am, just as a thought, trying to negate the Quantum Theory of Immortality, just to see if anyone can imagine how crossing world lines, without death, might be possible. Or rather, what it might look like?

The best we could do would be to construct artificial quantum brain, according to an idea of Deutsch. This would allow us to be aware of being in many universes at once, but we would still have to forget what we see in each universe to re-fuse in one universe. Still we could remember having seen different things, but being not able to tell them precisely.

Basically the same already occurs with arithmetic (instead of quantum mechanics), except that *a priori*, the realities does not evolve linearly. Well, we can hope they do, if not, mechanism is wrong, or current physics is wrong.



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