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Outside of QTI, does anyone consider any hypothesis as 'viable' for "immortality"? I am not sure that I mean, never dying, I think I mean, some kind of continuation, beyond our current 'mortality" ? I am not meaning Uploading while still alive, or brain in a vat; but basically, an afterlife of some kind? I ask, realizing, that cosmology and consciousness, do not, by necessity, dovetail (UDA?). Thanks for your patience, everyone.


I recommend you read "The Physics of Immortality" from  Frank Tipler.

I love that book. It is a very courageous book, and I am afraid Tipler paid some price for it, in terms of relation with colleagues.

Having said this, his construction relies on physicalism and mechanism, and is just inconsistent (by the Universal Dovetailer Argument).

Even with QM alone, he missed the QTI (and of course the ATI, the arithmetical theory of immortality).

And then he lacks awfully all sense of rigor in the religious field, not doubting any of the Aristotelian metaphysics principles, which are hardly compatible with mechanism.

But I love the book for its amount of courage for dealing with those questions today.



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