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> I love that book. It is a very courageous book, and I am afraid Tipler  
> paid some price for it, in terms of relation with colleagues.
> Yes, its a very, important book. I liked his Physics of Christianity, less. 
>  His physics has been criticized, due to the WMAP survey of 1998, showing 
> cosmic  acceleration of the big bang. However on the David Deutsch Group, on 
> Yahoo;  (August 17, 2010), Deutsch mused, that perhaps, though Tipler's 
> reliance on the  standard model failed; the chacteristics of dark energy, 
> might 
> not defeat the  turing principle, thus, providing (perhaps) infinite 
> computing cycles.  Therefore, because of that, Tipler's omega point goal 
> would be  
> achieved.

Omega point theory is important, albeit rather implausible in light of
recent cosmology. The book, however, is not. I remember giving up on
the book around 1/4 of the way through because of the numerous
scientific errors in areas related to complex systems science.

I remember that Omega point theory had been presented by Tipler well before
the PoI book.



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