On 20 Nov 2011, at 21:54, Russell Standish wrote:

On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 12:23:57PM +0100, Bruno Marchal wrote:

On 19 Nov 2011, at 16:33, R AM wrote:

Has Eric Vandenbush written a paper about how complex numbers are
derived from UDA?

He has some health problem, and rarely finish papers. Sorry. I work
hard to encourage him to finish a paper on those complex numbers. I
will let you know if he succeeds in that task.


I, too, am intersted in this result. Even if you don't persuade him to
publish, maybe you could convince him to do an informal write up of
the idea?

I will try. It took me years to make him write what I put on my webpage (the solution of the first AUDA-related open problem), despite it is just an hand written manuscript. This gives hope! But we have to be patient. I got another solution by him of some other problem, but find some mistake (which is hard to tell him, because he is oversensible). The guy is brilliant, but I think he might have lost carrier opportunities ... just because he dares to take public lunch with me. Humans, even scientist, still obeys to the law: the boss is right (especially when wrong!). What a pity. Of course being bipolar does not help him. And I am not quite glad with the type of legal medication he is using, but I don't want to interfere with this. About those complex numbers derivation, I am still not sure he does not presuppose some (classical) Hamiltonian. I think his assumption are still a bit fuzzy. We will see. I will let you know about the progress (or refutation).



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