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> **
> Thanks Jason,
> Yes, I am not sure if QTI is really Immortality, as in post-mortality, if
> memory, and personality, are destroyed? To a hammer, the entire world looks
> like a nail; as the Japanese expression goes, so I personally wonder, if
> the old 'move' function of data processing, can somehow be analogous, to
> our minds being moved elsewhere-sort of a copy paste function? One has to
> have a program or a developer to execute the 'move' function, as I see it.
> >> *Therefore, even for those that don't survive to see the human race
> become a trans-humanist, omega-point civilization, and for those that don't
> upload their brain, there remain paths to these other realities.   I think
> this can address the eternal aging implied by many-worlds: eventually, the
> probability that you survive by other means, e.g., waking up as a being in
> a post-singularity existence, exceeds the probability of continued survival
> through certain paths in the wave function.<<*
> **
> On a Schmidhiber-Zuse-Lloyd-Bostrum-Fredkin hypothesis, that the cosmos is
> a quantum computer, a hypercomputer, a simulation; we must first ascertain,
> how we as subroutines in such a cosmos, can determine if this is fact or
> not?  Because this kind of pursuit seems so complicated,and
> frustrating, most scholars just give up on the question. Then the question
> has to be asked, what is the pay off? My answer would be, post-mortality,
> not necessarilly immortality, in the eternal sense. Jokingly, I would add
> to my answer that, this is the best offer you'll have all day! If we can
> prove this.
> If we can achieve post-mortality,(biological or silicon)  as Ettinger
> longed for, as Ray Kurzweil pursues, as the people at Alcor are going for,
> as well as Vernor Vinge's uploading, then all the better for us. Living on,
> seems less severe than biologically perishing, first. But that choice (as
> far as we now know) is not yet available to us. So the rough road of dying
> and hoping along the way, that we are a simulation, that will be subject to
> recurrence, is about all we have.

If we assume the universe is very large (infinite in volume, many-worlds,
Tegmark's all mathematical structures, or Bruno's all programs) then it is
a virtual certainty that at least one of the many possible explanations for
your current moment of awareness is due to some omega-point mind, or
otherwise advanced (human or non-human) individual choosing to experience
your life.  If you die in all "physical" realities that instantiate you,
then the only ones where you would continue would be those
omega-point/post-humans where you are immortal.

The result is our continued existence doesn't depend on realizing
immortality in this universe, it only requires that reality is big enough
that an immortal being somewhere "discovers" us.


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