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> On 11/23/2011 4:27 AM, Jason Resch wrote:
>> The simulation argument:
>> http://www.simulation-**argument.com/simulation.html<http://www.simulation-argument.com/simulation.html>
>> If any civilization in this universe or others has reached the point
>> where they choose to explore consciousness (rather than or in addition to
>> exploring their environment) then there are super-intelligences which may
>> chooses to see what it is like to be you, or any other human, or any other
>> species.  After they generate this experience, they may integrate its
>> memories into the larger super-mind, and therefore there are continuations
>> where you "become one with god".  Alternate post-singularity civilizations
>> may maintain individuality, in which case, any one person choosing to
>> experience another being's life will after experiencing that life "awaken"
>> to find themselves in a type of heaven or nirvana offering unlimited
>> freedom, from which they can come back to earth or other physical worlds as
>> they choose (via simulation).
>> Therefore, even for those that don't survive to see the human race become
>> a trans-humanist, omega-point civilization, and for those that don't upload
>> their brain, there remain paths to these other realities.   I think this
>> can address the eternal aging implied by many-worlds: eventually, the
>> probability that you survive by other means, e.g., waking up as a being in
>> a post-singularity existence, exceeds the probability of continued survival
>> through certain paths in the wave function.
>> Jason
> Why stop there.  Carrying the argument to it's natural conclusion the
> above has already happened (infinitely many) times and we are now all in
> the simulation of the super-intelligent beings who long ago discovered that
> nirvana is too boring.
> Brent

I agree.  About 10% of all humans who have ever lived are alive today.
 With a silicon-based brain, we could experience things about 1,000,000
times the rate our biological brains do.  If the humans that uploaded
themselves spend just 1 day (real time) experiencing other human lives that
is equivalent to 40 human lifetimes worth of experience, and thus 80% of
all human lives experienced would be simulated ones. (After that 1 day)
 This is after just one day, but such a civilization could thrive in this
universe for trillions of years.


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