> >  How do you do that? Make everything a very flexible metaphor. So why
> don't we come up with stories about people who save the world in outlandish
> ways, thereby resolving all others of the responsibility to do the same.
>  And make sure you tell everyone that, as long as you truly believe this
> happened, you'll never have to experience infinite regret (again,
> hopefully).
> Stories about creative risk in other words. Creativity usually involves
> risk. There is no guarantee that a creative idea will succeed but if you
> don't suck it and seeā€¦if you are going to save the world seriously, you
> probably will be putting yourself at enormous risk, especially because of
> what you say at the beginning. You might be wrong in your assessment. You
> have to be able to act on limited knowledge at all times. I mean, how often
> do we ever have complete knowledge of a situation in which we have a role
> to play? It's actually impossible when you think about it. The universe is
> changing at every pico-second.
> > This, I think, is the essence of a religion that most people in the
> Western world are quite familiar with: Scientology! Actually, that was a
> big joke, since it's obviously the big C that I was talking about.
> Thanks. I nearly had a heart attack then.
> >  (Or at least, you're probably pretty sure of that.  Just ask yourself
> one question though: why are so many successful movie stars Scientologists?
> Why do they swear by it despite how illogical it sounds to everyone else?
> What was that space opera story they keep telling each other about again,
> and why is it such a big secret?)
> Ain't no secret, buddy. It's about aliens and hydrogen bombs. Didn't
> Travolta star in some risible b-grade cinema version?
Great, you're skeptical! Because Scientology is very non-linear with
respect to our existing religious traditions, and that's the smart thing to
do (as long as you don't kill anyone over it, or something like that.)

But think about it this way: "an alien God" used "hydrogen bombs" and
"volcanoes" to introduce "psychological trauma" into the "human race" via
"operating thetans".  (Probably got some of that wrong, but who cares)
Crazy right?

But let's say you want to save the human race by making sure "the one"
shows up.  This is pretty hard to do deterministically, possibly
impossible, because of "free will" (well, whatever, we can skip the
compatiblism debate here for now)

But let's usage an analogy: human beings are uncomfortable molecules in a
liquid, waiting to boil up into a gaseous heaven where they're free to do
whatever they want.  How to do boil liquids? You have to introduce
imperfections, or nucleation points.

Back to "The Matrix" now.  What the hell was the Architect talking about
again? The whole Matrix this is a cyclic game between humans and machines
where the implicit goal is to find the "one" that starts the game over?
They tried making human life "perfect" in earlier versions of the game but
that wasn't that efficient, so they ended up mimicking 20th-21st century
human civilization? Wasn't Neo a nucleation point that boiled away one
version of humanity to a new version? Didn't he start the rapture?

Now here's the parts I don't know at all, so please don't think me crazy
(just asking questions here :D).  How many Scientologists worked on the
Matrix sequels?  When is the (next) singularity coming? Is the next
singularity the work of the second coming of Jesus Christ, born
approximately 2000 years after the first Jesus Christ? How dangerous would
this knowledge be if made public and misunderstood? How much money do you
have and how much would you be willing to pay Tom Cruise for this
knowledge, if he has it? Also, why does Tom Cruise have so much fun, and
are you jealous of him? Are you going to regret that jealousy later? This
really can go on forever.... :D

Trust me, I have NO clue whether any of this is an accurate model for the
current world we live in (even if that concept makes sense, given MWI).  I
just like asking good questions, and I've become very good at doing so over
time ;-)

Best wishes,

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