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On 12/10/2011 3:50 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
Some say that the interference of particles "with themselves" in the two-slit experiment is amble evidence for these, but MWI does nothing to explain why we observe the particular universe that we do.

Comp explains this completely, by explaining why you cannot understand that you are the one ending in Washington instead as the one ending in Moscow. It explains contingencies by consistent extensions.

But then starting from Philadelphia instead of Brussels "you" should end up in Washington - since it is much more similar to Philadelphia.

That might indeed be the case if my consciousness supervene on a generalized brain including a city, which get an internal role in the computation leading to your state. But in that case you have to ask the doctor to do the awkward substitution at *that* level.

In the W and M duplication experience, we assume that the brain is the usual biological one in the skull. All what will matter in the probabilities is the distinguishibility of the self-localization outcome after the duplication. IN QM terms, seeing Brussels, Washington, and Philadelphia are orthogonal state, and not part of the brain, or of the computation leading to the state before the multiplication.

In front of the (concrete or not) UD, your consciousness will do the selection at the right level. (Again like in the Quantum MW).



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