On Sat, Dec 10, 2011 at 02:13:33PM +0100, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> On 10 Dec 2011, at 07:23, Russell Standish wrote:
> >AFAICT, Maudlin's argument only works in a single universe
> >setting. What is inert in one universe, is alive and kicking in other
> >universes for which the counterfactuals are true.
> If that was true, I am not sure a quantum computer could still be
> emulable by a classical computer, but QM contradicts this. Nowhere
> does Maudlin postulate a single universe. But he postulates that a
> computation can be done in one single universe (but that is correct,
> even a quantum computation can be done in a single universe).

>From my somewhat limited understanding, emulating a quantum computer
with a classical computer involves running something like a dovetailer
algorithm. But it is no longer absurd to suggest that merely executing
the steps of the dovetailer trace instantiates all of the programs the
dovetailer is executing.

Maudlin's argument relies on the absurdity the the presence or absence
of inert parts bears on whether something is consious. This absurdity
only works in a single universe setting, however. If your computer is
embedded in a Multiverse, the absurdity vanishes, because thiose inert
parts are no longer inert. If you then fold the multiverse back into a
single universe by dovetailing, one can then reapply the Maudlin
move. But then, in that case, one can embed that result into a
Multiverse, and the cycle repeats.

The question is - where is the consciousness in all this? I think it
must move with the levels - and given the UDA and COMP, I would say
that consciousness appears at the Multiverse level, not the single
universe level.

BTW - I had a similar problem with your MGA - it is not intrinsically
absurd to me that a recording can be conscious. From the right point
of view (presumably that of the consciousness itself - aka the "inside
view"), it seems plausible that a recording could be conscious.


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