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> The question is - where is the consciousness in all this? I think it
> must move with the levels - and given the UDA and COMP, I would say
> that consciousness appears at the Multiverse level, not the single
> universe level.

I don't see why invoking a Multiverse is preferable to a continuum of
public and private sense channels within one universe. If
consciousness appears at the Multiverse level, should we not be
conscious of the Multiverse? Instead, it is just the opposite. The one
characteristic which is shared most pervasively among sane subjects is
realism - a practical certainty of a single shared sense context which
is uncompromisingly and absolutely real.

> BTW - I had a similar problem with your MGA - it is not intrinsically
> absurd to me that a recording can be conscious. From the right point
> of view (presumably that of the consciousness itself - aka the "inside
> view"), it seems plausible that a recording could be conscious.

If recordings were conscious, wouldn't they evolve behind our backs?
Shouldn't Bugs Bunny continue to have new adventures inside the film
can that we can watch forever? It makes more sense to me that
recordings are not conscious, but rather they are artifacts arranged
so that consciousness may play them as an indirect or specular
sensorimotive experience. We have no reason to assume that
consciousness, or anything else, can be a disembodied arithmetic.


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