On 12/19/2011 7:13 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
if you want, no bodies are conscious. People are conscious, and their bodies are only a way to manifest themselves relatively to other people, again through their apparent bodies.

But also, "only" a way to interact with the physics of their environment. It seems to me that consciousness without this interaction is a dubious concept.

Things are bizarre only if we keep both comp and the idea that matter is a primitive concept, or that physics is the science of the ultimate reality. That explains why naturalist well versed in the mind-body difficulties eventually want to eliminate consciousness. But a second of introspection refutes the non-existence of consciousness. So *primitive matter* is easier to eliminate, even if it go against our animal prejudices, (reifed by Aristotle).

As I have said once: it is easier to explain to a consciousness the illusion of matter, than to explain to a piece of matter the illusion of consciousness.

OK. But a second of extrospection refutes the non-existence of matter. You take neither as primitive; which is Ok but then you need to recover both consciousness and matter.


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