On 12/22/2011 3:06 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
Quantum computing is a specific process of exploiting entangled
states. I do not mean that, and think it unlikely that nature works
that way (contra Penrose). Supervenience over multiple MW branches
does not entail that sort of quantum computing.

But if would make comp false if that kind of supervenience is not Turing Emulable.

??? I don't see how to parse that. How can supervenience be the kind of thing that is Turing emulable? I thought we were talking about consciousness supervening on the physical processes of a brain and then asking what about those processes instantiated consciousness. If the answer is the function computed, then we suppose consciousness should supervene on the same computation no matter how realized. Since quantum MW is presumably computable, the we may suppose consciousness supervenes on the computation of the MW...but not on that of a single branch.


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