On 23 Dec 2011, at 06:18, Russell Standish wrote:

On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 04:27:28PM -0600, Joseph Knight wrote:

Regarding Maudlin’s argument: Russell has recently stated that Maudlin’s argument doesn’t work in a multiverse, and that consciousness is thus a multiverse phenomenon. I disagree for the same reason that Bruno disagrees: the region of the multiverse on which consciousness supervenes can just be
Turing emulated in a huge water/trough/block computer, and Maudlin’s
argument can be reapplied. I realize that this could lead to an infinite

You reminding us all of what supervenience really means is very

In the case of dovetailing a region of the Multiverse, it is not the
case that consciousness can supervene on a universal dovetailer.

I guess you mean "on universal dovetailing". It is still ambiguous if you mean it to be concrete/primitively-physical, or immaterial, like with its arithmetical implementations.

the conscious content differs in some way, the universal dovetailer
does not - as it is a static, quite singular object.

If the conscious content differs, it cannot be related to the same executions among the infinitely many done by the UD.

Consiousness does still supervene on the simulated physics, though -
assuming it supervened on the original multiversal physics.

Please could someone explain how to apply Maudlin's argument to a
dovetailed multiverse. People keep asserting it is just the same as
the orignal argument, when it is clearly not. There are no Klaras, for
instance, no counterfactuals, and no supervenience, as your posting
has made clear.

I wouldn't fuss too much about the infinite regress - there's a lot of
those as soon as dovetailers are involved.

Yes, that's why the MGA can be applied, to any portion of a concrete dovetailing when it is supposed to be necessary (like when we assume comp and physical supervenience). But in the universal dovetailing this is no more a paradoxical "infinite regress", just an argument that the UD is not a stopping program, as we already knew.

Maudlin and the MGA applies to dovetailing, because it is a Turing emulable process, and, as such, can be executed in any single branch of any multiverse, if that exists. Typically, once we bet on the correct level, the implementation of the computation is irrelevant, be it by dovetailing or by any other comp algorithm.



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