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> >> All of which is emulable by a digital computer.
> > Emulable to whose judgment?
> The judgement of people who have successfully emulated continuous, non-linear 
> processes in
> high-dimensional spaces using digital computers.

They have their opinion of success, but the processes being emulated
may have another.

> >>> Their findings support my view that consciousness is biological
> >>> awareness, not modular computation.
> >> Except computation is well defined.  We know how make something that does 
> >> computation.
> > Sure, which is why it's so seductive to jump to the conclusion that
> > consciousness could be computation alone. It's sentimental, not
> > scientific to make that assumption.
> It's not a conclusion, it's an hypothesis.  When you form an hypothesis to 
> explain some
> phenomena it's always a good idea to put it in terms of something you 
> understand.
> Otherwise you just end up "explaining" the phenomena by describing it other 
> words you
> don't understand either.

Or you can expand the terms of your understanding to suit the actual
nature of the phenomenon you are explaining.


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