On Dec 23, 11:40 pm, "Stephen P. King" <stephe...@charter.net> wrote:
> Hi,
>      Forgive my .o2$ but is this not a discussion of the non-bijection
> of that representations and referents? We forget that what we think of
> as real and objective comes to use from the filter of our senses,
> reality is not presented raw to us.

Hi Stephen,

Sure, that's part of it. We always have to start by being skeptical of
both objectivity, subjectivity, and our own skepticism (since
skepticism is a personal experience of cognitive sense making) as
well. To understand qualia is to realize that although they function
to represent, they themselves are referents as well, while the literal
objects in the universe can only ultimately be representations of
second-hand experiential referents which we share with other proto-
subjects. Objects are our verbal-cognitive abstractions of how matter
perceives matter. Subjects are our first hand perceptions as human
individuals. My hypothesis is that it is the symmetrical bijection and
non-bijection of the two that gives rise to realism on every level.


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