On Sat, Dec 24, 2011 at 05:45:46PM +0100, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> On 23 Dec 2011, at 23:53, Russell Standish wrote:
> >Why do you think that we couldn't find a similar sort of explanation
> >for why the activity in other branches is relevant to consciousness
> >(assuming that it is the case, of course). Before Boltzmann, the
> >irreversibility of the second law was totally mysterious, but I doubt
> >anyone seriously thought it magical.
> Yes. The vitalistes for example. Who used this fact for saying that
> life was not just physical phenomena.
> What MGA shows is that the materialist have to do the same thing
> with weak materialism.

OK. Complexity science is still young.

> You could tell me: "why do you think that we couldn't find a similar
> sort of explanation for why God's activity is relevant to
> consciousness". 

Since God is rather ill-defined, its a bit hard to make sense of that.

> Well I am rather sure he is, that simple fact does
> not refute comp, like we already know that comp makes consciousness
> multiversal in a robust universe (even a Newtonian one!).
> You use of multiverse consists in trying to invalidate the MGA
> point, fair enough, but to invalidate it, you need to add a third
> person non Turing emulable relation between the physical
> computations in the multiverse. 

Why? I not doing this explicitly.

> if not you are just making the comp
> algorithm of the person more complex, indeed infinitely complex in
> the limit.

I doubt it - but perhaps you could expand.

> >
> >My point is only that Maudlin has not ruled this out. And I fail to
> >see an easy way of ruling it out - emulating the Multiverse doesn't
> >really seem to do it.
> We rule out nothing, but if we keep comp, we rule out useless
> additions. 

So are you saying that the MGA doesn't show that COMP is incompatible
with SUP-PHYS? That's surprising.

> Comp shows where and how the laws of physics come from,
> but by MGA we show directly that primitive matter cannot be used to
> relate consciousness to physical facts, and that it is on the
> contrary the physical facts which have to be related to
> consciousness experience.

How does primitivity come into the picture? Neither COMP nor SUP-PHYS
define the concept "primitive".

> At step seven (UDA), we know already that physics (the ideally
> correct science) is already a branch of computer science, and
> machine self-reference, ... unless the physical universe is little
> (does not run any significant part of the UD).


> This means that your multiverse has to be little, but to use it get
> the counterfactuals, and comp, it needs to be already as big as the
> UD.


> This is another way to make the life hard for your argument.
> >
> >>(Although you seem to abandon that idea for saying that the film
> >>(projection in time and place) is conscious).
> >
> >I'm trying to abandon discussion of the MGA at present as an
> >unnecessary complication, as I understand that argument even less.
> It is needed to get the reversal, without delving in the harder
> mathematical part, which shows the "how", and the origin of the
> qualia/quanta separation.

Doesn't the reversal come from steps 1-7 of the UDA? I thought that
was independant of the MGA.

> With comp and sup-phys we associate consciousness to a singular
> computation through its physical activity. Removing that register
> does not change the computational activity, nor the physical
> activity, relevant for that computation in that single reality.
> Also, this contradict your statement that the movie graph (the
> physical projection of the movie) is conscious, because such a movie
> is Olympia with all the Klaras having been removed.

Let's not focus on that too much, as it is irrelevant to Maudlin's
argument in a multiverse. But what I actually said was it wasn't a
priori absurd that a recording could be consciousness. The MGA
depended on that absurdity at some point. I didn't say that recordings
could be conscious. There is a difference.

I appreciate your recent comment about doevtailing on too many
conversations. Excuse my massive pruning of the conversation to assist
in that direction!



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