On Dec 26, 5:35 am, alexalex <alexmka...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Not at all. A 'simulated apple' is just several pictures superimposed.
> > You are mistaking a visual representation of physics and biochemistry
> > for actual physics and biochemistry.
> Then, I hereby declare that what your retina projects is only images
> superimposed from a simulated world and all your experiences are
> illusions.

Just because my experiences are not the same as a consensus of
external instrumental measurements doesn't mean that my sense is an
illusion. What we see is not a solipsistic simulation or illusion,
although it can have those qualities because it is semantic rather
than literal, it is as direct a presentation of human awareness of the
human-significant features of our environment (interior and exterior)
as possible. Of course our vision has limitations, in distance,
resolution, etc, but also in pattern recognition. We have many layers
of sense contributing to our image production and sometimes (like in
the case of so called optical illusions) they are in conflict. Our
visual system is not a way for us to detect everything in the universe
from every perspective, it is only for us to see what is relevant to
the human perspective, which is a complex and idiosyncratic
perspective. Illusion cannot literally exist in the universe, only
misinterpretation of phenomenological reality.

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