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"If you were observing the Earth by radio telescope from a nearby star you
> would be noticing that it has been getting quieter and quieter."

I have to admit that is true and a big jump in that direction was made on
June 12 2009. On that date all TV transmitters in the USA switched over
from analog to digital. This will make things more difficult for a
hypothetical ET to detect us for two reasons:

1) Digital transmitters use far less power than the analog variety.

2) A analog TV signal obviously came from a technological civilization, but
if you don't know the particular compression codec used by digital
broadcasters in the USA the signal would almost look like white noise. The
compression is not perfect that's why I said "almost".

But in the overall scheme of things I think this entire point is small

 "It's wasteful to radiate signals out into space is all directions."

But there are far far more wasteful things than that! If energy is so
valuable why does ET let the energy from billions of suns in our galaxy
radiate uselessly into empty space? If ET existed the night shy should look
very different, there should be a Dyson Sphere around every star; no sun
should emit visible light, or ultraviolet, or X ray or gamma rays; suns
should only emit microwaves and maybe a little far infrared. But that's not
what we see. So why doesn't the universe, or at least the galaxy, look like
its been engineered?  Either ET does not exist or he does but he's a lotus

  John K Clark

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