>Of course, when consciousness is taken seriously into account, we can
>sense some incoherence, but empirically, this is the hard part to
>convey, and without MGA/Maudlin, I have not been able to convince of
>the "frank incoherence".

And you've been successful with the MGA? I am philosophically entirely
on your side with regards to this intuition of incoherence, and know
well the difficulty/impossibility of getting a materialist to
apprehend it. But has the logic of MGA actually ever converted a
materialist? Seems to me people are entrenched in their positions on
such matters and weapons of mere logic - especially complex logic -
will never move them. Even weapons of empirical demonstration take a
long time to persuade people - paradigms do not die easily. This is
not to say I am yet completely persuaded by the MGA either - I'll post
my doubts/questions as a separate reply here.

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