On 12/29/2011 4:11 PM, Pierz wrote:
As I have remarked before, I don't think "the problem of consciousness" will be 
solved, it
will just come to be seen as an uninteresting question.  Instead we will talk 
about how to
design the ethics module in a robot or what internal perceptions to provide.
Well, I utterly disagree with that. The problem of consciousness is
already an 'uninteresting problem' to many people (seemingly you are
one such person), but so long as it remains unsolved it will be
interesting to some conscious beings! And the notion of programming
the internal perceptions of a robot (as opposed to mere input-output
relations) is ludicrous without a solution to the problem.

You think it is ludicrous that a Mars Rover is programmed to monitor the state of its battery, the temperature of its motors, the amount of memory available for pictures, etc?


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