On 30 Dec 2011, at 01:57, Pierz wrote:

Of course, when consciousness is taken seriously into account, we can
sense some incoherence, but empirically, this is the hard part to
convey, and without MGA/Maudlin, I have not been able to convince of
the "frank incoherence".

And you've been successful with the MGA?

With the academic. Less so with the media, club, press, etc. I got a price for the thesis, but I have nver seen it. Instead of promotion, there has been, as many people have witnessed defamation, and I still don't know if it is just "politics" or if there isn something ideological. Anyway, that's boring things of life kind of thing. But most people get easily UDA1-7, and less easily the MGA. The math part seems grasped only by logicians (which unfortunately are not so much interested in the mind-body problem).

I am philosophically entirely
on your side with regards to this intuition of incoherence, and know
well the difficulty/impossibility of getting a materialist to
apprehend it. But has the logic of MGA actually ever converted a

Yes. At least for some period of time. Some people get the point, and then fall back in the Aristotelian habits.

Seems to me people are entrenched in their positions on
such matters and weapons of mere logic - especially complex logic -
will never move them.

It is normal in a field which use mainly authoritative (and thus irrational) arguments since a long time (explicitly 1500 years in occident). It is normal that it takes time.

Even weapons of empirical demonstration take a
long time to persuade people - paradigms do not die easily.

In the human/fundamental science we are still using "the boss is right", and paradigms have still to wait for "the boss is dead".

This is
not to say I am yet completely persuaded by the MGA either - I'll post
my doubts/questions as a separate reply here.

OK. Thanks. I like to share my passion for that subject. I will answer asap.

Best wishes and happy new year,



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