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On 1/6/2012 12:07 PM, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:


I do not know, I cannot exclude that German authorities have some
censorship in Internet (or Google censors its content to Germany)
but when I run Google scholar


and then search there Leviticus, on the first page the maximum
count that I observe

[ZITATION] Leviticus: a book of ritual and ethics: a continental
commentary[HTML] von interpretation.orgJ Milgrom - 2004 - Fortress
Pr Zitiert durch: 311

For Feyerabend on the other hand, I observe

[BUCH] Against method P. Feyerabend Zitiert durch: 6338


Whatever the numbers I'm sure you take my point that the number of
citations has very little to do with the correctness or importance of
an author. Nobody cites Isaac Newton in physics papers anymore.


Run Isaac Newton in the Google Scholar and you will be surprised. For example

[BUCH] Newton's Principia: The mathematical principles of natural philosophy
Zitiert durch: 1369

and there are other works, Optics for example is quite close.

As for correctness, I would agree. As for importance not. When the scientific community cites something, then it is indeed important for the scientific community.


P.S. I think I have understood where you have seen your numbers. This is for example for Feyerabend

Ergebnisse 1 - 10 von 34.000

in the right top angle. Well, it would be necessary to exclude people with the same family, but after some research, I would agree with you. It seems that in the academic circles represented by Google Scholar Leviticus is a bit more popular than Feyerabend if we take this count.

Anyway I am eased now - there is no censorship in Germany.

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