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> In fact I do agree often with John Clark, but then he exaggerates also
> very often the point.

I've told you a million times I never exaggerate.

> > The church was asking to Galileo to present his view as a theory or
> conjecture

What do you suppose would have happened if Galileo asked the church to
present its views as a theory or conjecture?! Actually Galileo was not
tortured but he was shown the instruments for it, as the worlds greatest
expert on mechanics at the time he certainly understood how such machines
operated, as a result he publicly apologized for his scientific ideas and
said in writing that the church was right, the Earth was the center of the
universe after all. I certainly don't hold this against Galileo, instead I
look at it as yet another example of the man's enormous intellect. Only 20
years before, another astronomer Giordano Bruno, said that space was
infinite, the stars were like the sun only very far away and life probably
filled the universe, but Bruno was not as smart as Galileo, he refused to
recant his views. For the crime of telling the truth Bruno was burned alive
in the center of Rome so all could see, according to custom green wood was
used because it doesn't burn as hot so it takes longer to kill. I imagine
Feyerabend would say that the church's verdict against Bruno was rational
and just too.

> Galileo did endorse the "modern" view of naturalism,

Another reason Galileo was a great man.

> > and that science *has* to be naturalist

If there are things about the universe that are not naturalistic (and there
might be),  that is to say if there are things that do not work by reason
then science has nothing it can say about them, so yes science *has* to be

>and this *is* a scientific error (as comp illustrates) which has not yet
> been corrected (excepting the study of comp).

I don't know what that means.

  John K Clark

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