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On 1/6/2012 10:14 AM, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:

I have recently finished listening Prof Hoenen's Theorien der
Wahrheit where he has also reviewed Feyerabend's Science in a Free
Society. Today I wanted to learn more about that book and have
found in Internet

Paul Feyerabend, 1975 How To Defend Society Against Science

You may like it. Just two quote:

"The lesson is plain: there does not exist a single argument that
could be used to support the exceptional role which science today
plays in society."

"Science is just one of the many ideologies that propel society and
it should be treated as such."

Other quotes that I like are at


"/In society at large the judgement of the scientist is received with
 the same reverence as the judgement of bishops and cardinals was
accepted not too long ago."

/I guess Feyerbrand was looking the other way when scientist said
microscopic animals caused disease, lightning was just electricity,
condoms will prevent HIV, and cigarette smoking caused cancer. I
wonder what he would make of the "reverence" with which warnings of
global warming are being received. And it is still bishops and
cardinals who are interviewed on television when there are questions
of ethics and public policy.


The Feyerbrand's paper is not about that. Rather take Hugh Everett III, the creator of many-worlds interpretation. Wikipedia says

"Discouraged by the scorn[4] of other physicists for MWI, Everett ended his physics career after completing his Ph.D."

In my view this is in agreement with Feyerbrand

"Heretics in science are still made to suffer from the most severe sanctions this relatively tolerant civilization has to offer."


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