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> OK, but today we avoid the expression "computable number".

Why? Seems to me that quite a large number of people still use the term.  A
computable number is a real number that can be computed to any finite
amount of digits by a Turing Machine, however most irrational numbers,
nearly all in fact, are NOT computable . So the sort of numbers computers
or the human mind deals in can not be the only thing that is fundamental
because most numbers can not be derived from them.

> All natural number are computable

Yes, but very few numbers are natural numbers.

> With mechanism it is absolutely indifferent which fundamental finite
> object we admit.

If by "mechanism" you mean determinism then your remarks are irrelevant
because we don't live in a deterministic universe, and even the natural
numbers are not finite.

>>  There is no way consciousness can have a direct Darwinian advantage so
>> it must be a byproduct of something that does have that virtue, and the
>> obvious candidate is intelligence.
> > I disagree. Consciousness has a "darwinian role" in the very origin of
> the physical realm.

If Evolution can't see something then it can't select for it, and it can't
see consciousness in others any better than we can, just like us all it can
see is behavior.

>>>    like relative universal self-speedin
> >>  I don't know what that means.
> > It means making your faculty of decision, with respect to your most
> probable environment, more quick.

In other words thinking fast. The fastest signals in the human brain move
at a about 100 meters per second and many are far slower, the fastest
signals in a computer move at  300,000,000 meters per second.

 John K Clark

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