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If you look around you may still find species of scientists
who still are working with classical thermodynamics (search for
example for CALPHAD). Well, if you refer to them as physicists
or not, it is your choice. Anyway in experimental
thermodynamics people determine entropies, for example from
CODATA tables


S ° (298.15 K) J K-1 mol-1

Ag cr 42.55 ą 0.20 Al cr 28.30 ą 0.10

Do you mean that 1 mole of Ag has more information than 1 mole
of Al at 298.15 K?

Yes, it has more internal degrees of freedom so that it takes
addition of more energy in order to increase those we measure as

Could you please explain then why engineers do not use the
CODATA/JANAF Tables to find the best material to keep information?

Because they are interested in information that they can insert and
retrieve. I once invented write-only-memory, but it didn't sell. :-)

Well, but this shows that by information physicists and engineers mean different things. It would good then to distinguish them.



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